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Better Sex Through Food – The Secret to foods to power your Libido

If you’re like most of us, you let your sex life
slip to the wayside more often than you’d like.
Your insane schedule is packed with things to
do, you have to cram workouts in where you
can, and sometimes all that stress can make
you want to go straight to sleep after hopping
into bed.

But instead of blaming your busy schedule,
maybe you should take a look at your diet.
Did you know that a poor diet filled with
processed foods, tons of sugar, and lots of fat
is likely to give you a weakened libido and
poor sex drive?

Sex should not be ignored, especially if you’re
trying to live a healthier life (or keep your
partner happy).

Dr. Mercola reminds us that having sex as
little as one to two times per week can:

√Boost immunity
√Improve heart health
√Lower blood pressure
√Burn as many as 3-4 calories per minute
√Release pain-reducing √hormones
√Reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men
√Improve sleep
√Release hormones to ease stress

With all these amazing benefits, we should be
almost as committed to having sex as we are
to exercising.

Keyword being almost, of course.
But back to getting in the mood.
If you find yourself not feeling up to it lately,
you may want to turn to your diet for help.

By adding the following foods to your weekly
meal planning, you’ll get back in the mood
and start squeezing in romp sessions
whenever you can.




I love watermelon; they’re juicy, flavorful, and
always cool me down during hot summer
days. But it turns out they can do much more
than cooling you off.

They may actually heat things up.

It’s pretty obvious that watermelons are chock
full of water – we don’t need Bill Nye the
Science Guy to confirm this hunch.

Watermelon is 92% water and 8%
phytonutrients, or compounds that react with
the human body to trigger healthy reactions,
according to Science Daily .

One of these healthy reactions is actually
similar to the effects of Viagra.

Do I have your attention now?

The main phytonutrient in this refreshing red
fruit is Citrulline, which is eventually converted
to arginine , an amino acid studied for its
effects on improving circulation and immunity
in our bodies. But this improved circulation
doesn’t stop at the heart.

Dr. Bhumy Patil, director of Texas A&M’s Fruit
and Vegetable Improvement Center explains,
“Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes
blood vessels, the same basic effect that
Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and
maybe even prevent it.”
Patil continued on to say, “Watermelon may
not be as organ specific as Viagra, but it’s a
great way to relax blood vessels without any
drug side effects.”

Who knew that you could swap a bright red
fruit for a little blue pill

2. Figs


The fig is another delicious fruit that’s
actually very underrated. It’s not as popular
as watermelon, but their sexual benefits are
just as powerful.

During ancient Greek times, it was commonly
believed that figs were one of the most
sensual fruits around. Stories have even
mentioned that figs resemble “an intimate oral
act between a man and a woman,” while other
folklore describes the fruit as resembling the
anatomy of a woman.

I personally don’t see either in figs, but I do
see their nutritional benefits.

It’s not just the appearance of figs that
increases libidos, it’s actually its genetic

Figs are filled with “an unusually high
concentration of flavonoids, polyphenols and
antioxidants which can help strengthen and
prolong sexual desires,” according to the
Aphrodisiac Encyclopedia.

Try making a watermelon and fig salad before
hitting the sheets and you might just double
(or even triple!) your chances of how often you
have sex. That’s just a guess though, I don’t
have any scientific proof on the double and
triple part (but it’s worth a try)

3. Avocado


The wise old Aztecs believed that avocados
possessed a libido improving superpower.

According to the Independent, avocado
translates to “ahuacatl” in Aztec, which
actually means “testicle.” The article
continues to say that avocados were “so
named because the ancient Mexican peoples
believed in the fruit’s sexual powers, thinking
it able to induce erotic prowess and enhance
fertility to the point that virgins were kept
indoors during harvest.”

That’s one powerful fruit.

Due to its rich vitamin C and potassium
content, the fruit is still regarded today as a
great way to get a natural sexual boost.

I like to sneak in a half an avocado to my
protein smoothies since you can’t even tell it’s
in there.

4. Ginger



Now that we’ve touched on some of the
ancient aphrodisiacs of Greece and Mexico, I
thought it was only right to include what the
Chinese believed to be a powerful food:

Predominantly found in teas or eaten as is,
ginger has long been used by ancient Chinese
societies as a way to increase fertility and
reduce erectile dysfunction in men.

The combination of magnesium, vitamin B6,
potassium, and manganese is what gives
ginger its ability to improve sex drives, plus, it
can also increase sperm production.

If you’re feeling daring one night, you may
want to cook ginger with our next libido
improving food: broccoli



Broccoli is one of those veggies that is just
good for you all around. I eat broccoli several
times a week.

This cruciferous, tree-like veggie contains a
little bit of protein, antioxidants, minerals, and
fiber, just to name a few awesome attributes.
But one of the more relevant things that
broccoli’s really good at is balancing out
estrogen levels.

According to LiveStrong, broccoli can help the
female reproductive organs develop properly
and continues to support a healthy
reproductive system afterwards.

When combined with ginger, you’ll have the
benefits of an improved sex drive and a
healthy reproductive system all from one meal.




I think of Ginseng, I imagine a warm cup
of tea brewing on a cold winter day. I’ve
always known that ginseng is a natural
remedy for nausea, but I had no idea that it
could also be used to help women increase
their libidos.

That is, until I came across this study from
the University of Hawaii.

During this experiment, women were given a
ginseng supplement and were told to take it
over a 4 week period. Researchers then asked
the women to report how their sex lives were
over the course of the trial period. 68% of the
women reported feeling a significant
improvement in their sex lives .

The basic science behind why ginseng works is
due to the fact that ginseng improves
circulation. When you improve circulation in
your body, you can almost bet that your libido
will soon follow the changes.

But getting in the mood is only half the battle.
There are those times when getting in the
mood is actually the easy part and keeping up
becomes the challenge.

Don’t sweat it.

Lucky for you, there are also foods that can
help you last longer .

That’s where eggs come in.




are one of my favorite foods. I eat three
eggs, and three egg whites, every morning, five
days a week and love them.

We also briefly touched on how healthy eggs
are in this article, but we never explored how
they affect your libido, or your stamina for
that matter.

The nutrients in eggs, particularly vitamins B6
and B5, combined with its high protein and
low calorie content, gives you the strength to
keep going.

Think of eggs as the proper fuel for a
marathon session.
But lasting long isn’t the only benefit eggs
serve up.

The hormone balancing and anti-stress
benefits in eggs also allow you to keep your
sex drive as healthy as possible. This means
that you’ll actually be healthy enough to keep
things going all night.

Were you surprised to see that oysters didn’t
make the list?

  So those are the 7 foods to power your libido for sex. Think there are others not listed then comment below if you have any other one.