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Highly Recommended Equipment For Mind-Body Workouts



Body workouts

Generally, mind-body-workouts are relatively
inexpensive. Most of the clothing and gear you
need is stuff you already may have around your
house. To save money, stick to the must-haves
for nearly every mind-body method.
You really want something to cushion your body
and bones from floors (and, if you sweat a lot, to
protect the floor from your perspiration). The kind
of mat you need depends on what you do.


Fitness Assured

  Yoga Mats are commonly called sticky mats
because they’re thin and actually feel like slightly
sticky human flypaper. They make it a lot more
comfortable, and even easier, to do postures
where you use your hands or feet against the
floor. They roll up into small, storable bundles.

Regular  exercise mats provide cushioning and
protection. Some come with double or tri-folds,
so they don’t take up a lot of space.
You may eventually want both these kinds of
mats, alternating with the type of workout you

Towel: Either to toss over you to stay warm
at the end of a workout, or to fold up to
cushion either your head (like a small
pillow) or some other bone, such as a knee
or elbow.
You can also use it to sit on in seated
hamstring stretches done in several
methods if your hamstrings are very tight
and keep you from having the best
alignment. You can also fold it and lay it
across your eyes to knock out distractions
if you want to relax.

Water bottle: You may be moving slowly in
some cases, but you’re probably still
perspiring. Stay hydrated by drinking 1 to 3
cups of water an hour. Remember, as soon
as you feel thirsty, you are already

CD or cassette player: You may likely want
to listen to workout-appropriate music. It
keeps you motivated and entertained, and
may help you become more meditative or
mindful, depending on the music.
Strap, belt, or long towel: Many mind-body
methods involve some kind of stretching. If
you aren’t very flexible, having a strap,
belt, or towel to help you reach a foot,
ankle, or other body part can help you
experience the stretch and work on your
flexibility in that position.

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How slower shorter jogs are good for your health


Great news for those who hate to run: there’s a limit to how much good it may do you. A new study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, has found a link between running more than four hours a week and an earlier risk of death.

Researchers followed over 1,000 healthy joggers and almost 4,000 healthy nonjoggers for 14 years and found that those who jogged too much or not at all had the highest rates of death during the study time period. In other words, whether they were sitting on their couch or logging an eight-miler, they still had similar risks of death. Plus, those who jogged at a more intense pace (seven miles per hour, or about an 8.5-minute mile) also fared worse.
The winners, according to the study, were those who ran for only one to 2.4 hours a week, the equivalent of a few 30-minute sweat sessions a week. Even better: the ideal pace for health was a leisurely five miles per hour, or a 12-minute mile. The takeaway? As one of the study’s researchers, Jacob Louis Marott, told the BBC, the reduced risk of death from just an hour or two of exercise compared to none at all shows that “you don’t actually have to do that much to have a good impact on your health.” And the fact that hours of intense running may hurt your health may just mean that too much of a good thing can be exactly that.

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The 30-Minute, No-Gym Bodyweight workout

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